Artist Statement--

Process drives my work. Process is my work.

As a contrast to the structured and precise schedule that I rely on as a pre-med student, I react to the immediate and spontaneous moment in my creative work. I set parameters that dictate a process, which then unfolds and allows me to detach and relinquish control over the outcome.

I work with materials that are ephemeral or are inherently in flux. My curiosity in my ability to replicate a process and not necessarily an outcome fuels explorations in material and method.

My work expresses a proclivity to engage with the resources and material of a particular place, as I am interested in how my body interacts with its environment. It is through my body’s experience that I come to know a place, a thing, a person, or a moment. My environment creates physical records that I then use as tools for documentation to index that specific experience.

My work also examines the relationship between time and change. The physical evidence of time and exertion, in relation to my process, is how I explore my body’s limits as a tool for making.