Sofia Sandoval earned her BA in Studio Arts and BS in Natural Sciences at the University of Pittsburgh in April 2016. She will attend medical school after a one-year sabbatical dedicated to further explorations in her artwork practice. Her inclination in working strictly from a process-based approach is in direct reaction to the pragmatic and planned out way she must operate as a pre-medical student. Through experimentation with various processes and materials, she explores the use of the serendipitous moment, repetitive mark making, and the re-visitation of past processes.

In the summer of 2015, Sofia participated in the University Honors College Wyoming Field Study where she immersed herself in this process-based practice. This experience prompted research on the residual effects of the Wyoming experience in her creative process. Sofia’s work has been included in multiple exhibits at the University Art Gallery in Pittsburgh and ArtWorks Gallery in Grove City, Pennsylvania, and the ACC Meeting of the Minds Conference in Syracuse, New York. She was awarded a research fellowship for the spring and summer of 2016 to investigate in Pittsburgh and London how the material of place, such as visceral reactions to environment and found object, influences her art practice. Sofia will also be starting the CORO Fellowship in Public Affairs in Pittsburgh in August 2016.