Snowball Walks (A Line From Where I Want To Go)

Soil, snow, and grass stains on paper



A cold winter and a giant snowball on the Cathedral of Learning lawn prompted experimentations in using the snowball as a drawing tool. As I rolled the snowball on paper, the paper crinkled, tore, and stained, which mimicked the ways winter can affect me, particularly my skin.

To recreate the experience of the performance, the two snowball walks are rolled out in the gallery (one facing up and one down to see the marks made by the snowball and the incidental marks made by the ground).  A tag with a QR code is linked to the phone recording of the performance, which allows the viewer to listen on their phones to the action that created the piece while walking along the length of the by-product.  

Using a found snowball as the drawing media on large rolls of drawing paper